A chapter of The Climate Reality Project

We know we must change. We know we can change. We know we will change.


Climate Reality: Pittsburgh & SWPA

Climate Reality: Pittsburgh & SWPA is a community of concerned Southwestern Pennsylvania citizens and neighbors who are addressing the climate crisis in our own backyard. We are students, grandparents, scientists, faith leaders, organizers, and influencers. Some of us are certified Climate Reality Leadership Corps members trained by Former Vice President Al Gore, and some of us are members of the general public. We are all committed to building a better future together.

We do not have the luxury of time. We know we must change and leave fossil fuels like coal and natural gas behind. We already see clean energy technologies creating jobs and powering a thriving economy in Pittsburgh & SWPA, so we know we can change. And with more committed citizens joining us by the day to fight for the future we want, we know we will change. Join us, and together we’ll make a sustainable future a reality.

The Climate Reality: Pittsburgh & SWPA Chapter of The Climate Reality Project is open to all members of the community who want to fight for the future of our region. Opt-in once to join the chapter and our email list. Join us, and together we’ll take the next step forward toward a safe and sustainable future for Pittsburgh, SWPA, and the world.

The reality we now face implores us to act.
— Al Gore, Former Vice President & Chairman of The Climate Reality Project

Inititiatives & CAMPAIGNS

Dedicated to change.

Climate Reality: Pittsburgh & SWPA unites 10 counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania under one chapter to achieve maximum impact in our region. We are dedicated to shaping the conversation on climate and strengthening the movement for solutions-demanding action on the climate crisis in SWPA.



From Pittsburgh to Paris

The climate crisis is having a profound impact on Southwestern Pennsylvania. Since the White House announcing its intention to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement as temperatures rise and dangerous emissions pollute our air, it has become clearer than ever that we need to stand up and support climate action in our local communities.

Across the United States, no city better captures life at ground zero of the climate crisis than Pittsburgh.


Today’s crisis.
Tomorrow’s hope.

The uprising of people, organizations, and resources coming together to demand climate action in this region is inspiring. Together, we're turning a crisis into an unstoppable network.