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Ohio River Valley Bus Tour

Beaver County is ground zero for major gas industry petrochemical expansion along with ancillary operations like pipelines, well pads, pigging operations, and compressor stations. Such expansion would make our region a major source of climate change-causing emissions and a headquarters for the manufacture of plastic products.

On Saturday, July 28, Climate Reality: Pittsburgh & SWPA is going on a field trip. We will board a bus at the Energy Innovation Center and head north to explore some of the more inspiring renewable energy projects in the region as well as some of the most threatening climate-changing industrial sites. Join us and learn more about the region from local expert guides,


100% Committed: The Future is Renewable


The shift to a clean energy economy is on – and accelerating by the day. Today, cities, businesses, and colleges and universities of all sizes are seeing the threat of climate change and taking action by switching to affordable renewable electricity from wind, solar, and other sources. By choosing renewables, they’re cutting their greenhouse gas emissions and creating a healthier environment for their citizens and customers – and a brighter future for our planet.

As the cost of wind, solar, and other renewable energy technologies continues to fall energy from renewables is as cheap or cheaper than dirty fossil fuel energy. The result: shifting to 100 percent renewable electricity is easier and more affordable than most people realize, allowing you not only cut emissions but often also trim costs and save money in a big way.

With the cost of clean energy plummeting every year, it’s never been easier or more affordable. As we like to say, 100 percent renewable is 100 percent doable.
— The Climate Reality Project